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  • 12 Feb 2018 10:48 AM | Diana Yum Yum (Administrator)

    Studio Friction and Whiskey Ginger are proud to present a weekend of rope classes for Colorado taught by MisterBacon. This weekend of rope is ideal for all levels of rope experience and includes four classes that can be taken separately or get a weekend pass and save a little money!

    So who is MisterBacon anyway?

    MisterBacon (he/him/his) is a switch from Los Angeles. He began his rope education in 2013. He is an active member of the Devil Mask Society rope family. He currently teaches a monthly introductory rope bondage class in Culver City, CA, and has been privileged to be able to teach in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Atlanta. Additionally, he has performed in Los Angeles and at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.

    Known primarily for being a jerk with rope and for his elaborate negotiation style, MisterBacon strives to create scenes and classes that will allow others to feel his enjoyment of rope. Using his experience as a rope top and bottom, he aims to help people empathize with their partner as a way to improve their rope experience. Scenes are only as good as the interplay between all involved parties, so MisterBacon wants his partners and students to see the importance of getting to know the person they’re tying with beyond just their list of do’s and don’ts. He has been described as a “gleeful sadist.”

    Awesome! Who is He Tying with?

    ----g---- (she/her) came to the scene after an awakening to the submissive and masochist sides of her identity. She instantly felt a sense of belonging with the kink community, but it wasn’t until she moved to Denver almost 3 years ago that she first was given an opportunity to experience the joy of suffering in rope. She is particularly drawn to its beauty and artistry, the physical and mental challenge of strenuous ties, and the power and trust exchange created with her partners. Some of her most memorable bondage experiences include performing at the Sanctuary’s Ropegasm with PandoraDreams, the BED Denver opening party with ThisDude and demo bottoming for Barkas at his intensive here in Denver.

    And What Classes Are Being Taught?

    Class 1 & 2 March 3rd: - Great for beginners!

    Class 1 @ 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM: Shibari Basics – Rope bondage play for everyone! - Learn the basics of rope bondage including what you need, how to negotiate, some basic ties, and how to observe your partner to creat different experiences in rope!

    Class 2 @ 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM: The Box Tie - The classic harness made easy! - Learn the classic and most recognizable tie in Shibari including where to place the wraps and other invaluable frictions!

    Class 3 & 4 March 4th - Great for all levels!

    Class 3 @10:00 AM - 12:30 PM: Tie Like You Fucking Mean It – Getting what you want out of your play! - Learn how to make scene negotiations sexy and fun!

    Class 4 @2:00 PM - 4:30 PM: Tie Like A Jerk - How to be sadistic for fun! - Learn so amazing sadistic rope ties!

    Ok, Ok This Sounds Amazing Where Can I Register?

    Register here for individual classes, day passes, or get the whole weekend pass! You can also find a more detailed class description there as well!

    Maybe You Still Have Some Questions?

    Feel free to contact Diana or Whiskey Ginger with any other questions you may have!

  • 5 Jan 2018 1:50 PM | Diana Yum Yum (Administrator)


    February is a hot month for us! We are hosting our Grand Opening Intrigue Night - Mardi Gras Masqurade AND our Rope Bondage Series Courses are starting! Don't miss out and make sure you sign up for each today! 

  • 29 Dec 2017 3:06 PM | Diana Yum Yum (Administrator)

    Calling all educators!

    We are looking for aerial arts teacher including silks, lira, and rope; yoga instructors for all types of yoga, and shibari educators! Please email for more information, be sure to include your experience and training in the email.

    We are excited to bring lots of different education opportunities for our members and for the people in the Denver Metro Area!
  • 19 Nov 2017 11:00 AM | Diana Yum Yum (Administrator)

    How you cAN help!

    Are you interested in volunteering for Studio Friction? We have multiple volunteer positions that include some great benefits! We are looking for rope educators, host and closer for our events, someone to come in and clean for us once a week, and many more!! We are also looking for people to help complete the buildout! 

    Email Diana for more information! 

  • 17 Nov 2017 11:15 AM | Diana Yum Yum (Administrator)

    Studio Friction has so many events coming up this weekend, see below for all the details!

    • Studio Friction Rope Night - Come and check out the space, if you missed the Bliss party last Friday! Doors open at 8 PM and we will close at 2 AM
    • Hitchin Bitches November Meetup - We are so happy to  partner with our local Hitchin' Bitches chapter and help grow the rope community! Join us Sunday at 2 PM and learn some great chest harnesses from BetwixBlushes!
    • Intermediate Transitions - by RopesInspireMe - After Hitchin' Bitches, on Sunday at 4:30, RopesInspiresMe is teaching a beginner transitions class with BendyBunny! This class is going to be great and we are super stoked to have Maiki and Bunny to teach it for us! 
    Next week, November 20th - 26th we will be closed for the holiday. Keep and eye out here for more updates for events in December, including a Saturday intensive with pandoradreams and VinoRosa!
  • 12 Nov 2017 5:49 PM | Mary (Administrator)

    A huge thank you to everyone who came out on Friday to make the opening of Studio Friction such a wonderful event. 

    We were especially thrilled to see the size and diversity of the crowd. Studio Friction is looking forward to hosting sponsored and partner based events and we loved the response and interest that was communicated.

    We can't wait to finish up the private playroom and the loft - where there will be a viewing area into the main space, an intimate playspace and a quiet aftercare area.

    Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

    --The Studio Friction Board

  • 2 Oct 2017 2:27 PM | Diana Yum Yum (Administrator)

    Well... It is over 3,000 square feet!

    We are diligently working to transform every inch of that into Studio Friction and create a space for our community to learn, experience, grow, enjoy, and love! 

    Click on the "JOIN" tab above to sign up for your monthly (or yearly) membership and be there at the beginning! This is going to be a space like none other in the state (and possibly the country!) and we can't wait to share it with you.

    We are still looking for help with the transformation, please contact Mary at for more information. We need help big and small so don't worry about experience!

    We will be announcing our Grand Opening Party soon so make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Fetlife and check back here often!

    Much love from you Studio Friction Board!

    Here is a sneak peek of our progress!

  • 28 Sep 2017 1:27 PM | Diana Yum Yum (Administrator)

    We are happy to announce that parking will not be an issue at our space because it has a gated parking lot as park of the building! Below is an aerial view of the space, which shows the expansive parking lot!

    I want to thank everyone who has signed up to volunteer! We are still looking for more people to help with the work we are doing to create the space. We have tasks big and small and someone is working on the space at anytime durning the day and evenings! Send a note to Mary at if you can help in any way!

    Thanks everyone! We are moving along and hope to be opened soon!

    The Studio Friction Team!

  • 26 Sep 2017 11:52 AM | Diana Yum Yum (Administrator)

    We are hard at work getting the space ready to open but we need help! If you have experience with framing/drywall/carpentry and are willing to help we want to hear from you! Email Mary at and let her know your skills and availability! 

    We will have more opportunities soon for people who are willing to help with painting and cleaning so for those of you who can help with that please feel free to reach out to her as well!

    Thank you for all of your support!


  • 23 Sep 2017 4:05 PM | Diana Yum Yum (Administrator)

    We toasted our space the night we signed the lease!

    The space is a standalone building so no need to worry about neighbors! We started demo today and know it's going to be a long road to open but we are committed to making sure this space is like no other in town! 

    We are definetly looking for volunteers! If you have experience in construction please reach out, if you want to help paint and clean reach out as well! We will compensate everyone who helps with class/party passes and for those willing to give more time we are willing to discuss the type of compensation you are looking for! Feel free to email myself (Diana Yum Yum) at or Mary at and keep an eye out on the website for work days!

    Thank you for making this happen! We are truly an amazing community!
    Diana Yum Yum!

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