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Studio Friction was founded by three people in the Denver community, Mary, Diana, and Nate. Between us, we have decades in rope, business, and the local community. Diana you may recognize from performances and events around town, Nate you may have seen teaching and attending classes and events in recent years, and Mary you are more likely to have seen at startup and business events around Denver or attending every event available. We've all be on boards of other organizations, and have been successful at starting groups, businesses, and more. Nate brings exceptional talent in space design as he works everyday in the creative and promotions industry. Diana is a get it done organizer and operations lead. Mary is all about business strategy and bringing ideas into reality. 

We are organized as a not for profit social club in Colorado. We'll be slowly growing the leadership of Studio Friction this fall and over the years so that we can create a culture that is collaborative, creative, inclusive and fundamentally workable in a community space where emotions and opinions often run high. We want this to be a great space for everyone interested in rope and more.

Studio Friction

740 Lipan St. Denver, CO 80204

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