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MisterBacon Weekend Rope Intensive Sponsored by WhiskeyGinger

  • 3 Mar 2018
  • 10:00 AM
  • 4 Mar 2018
  • 4:30 PM
  • Studio Fricion


  • Covers Full Weekend
  • Covers both classes Saturday
  • Covers Sunday 3/4 Classes

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MisterBacon Weekend Rope Intensive Sponsored by WhiskeyGinger

Join us for 4 classes taught by Los Angeles-based MisterBacon! Space is limited. Please email with questions or to volunteer for this event!

Whiskey Ginger is proud to present a weekend of rope instruction for Colorado taught by Mister Bacon! This weekend of rope will teach the basics of rope bondage, a classic harness, how to get what you want out of rope play, and how to safely and mindfully engage in rougher rope bondage play. We will have rope for sale onsite and all levels of skill or rope experience are welcome to attend any of these classes. Mister Bacon is also available for a limited number of private lessons on 3/3 and 3/4.


Class Descriptions

Day 1 - March 3rd:

Class 1: Shibari Basics – Rope bondage play for everyone!
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Rope bondage is one of the most varied forms of play that exists. It can be soft and sexy, intense and sadistic, and a million other combinations of emotions and feelings. Learning the basics is an important part of being a responsible bottom or rigger, and will lead to much better scenes in your future.

In the first half of this class, we will introduce some of the basics of rope bondage play: materials, potential risks, items both tops and bottoms may want to have in their rope kit, and negotiation specifically for rope scenes. We will then instruct students in how to tie a single and double column tie. These ties are the foundation of a large portion of rope bondage, so knowing how to do them properly is a must.

In the second half, the instructor will lead students in a series of observational exercises designed to develop a relationship in rope play rather than worrying about a pre-determined pattern. Each exercise hones in on a particular aspect of the bottom’s range of reactions and how they can be combined to create different experiences for the person in rope.

NOTE: The observational drills portion of this class will be intimate. You will need to get close enough to your partner to pay attention to their breath, sounds, skin, etc. If this makes you uncomfortable, you may not be able to participate.

Class 2: The Box Tie - The classic harness made easy!
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

The gote (box tie or arms-behind chest harness) is one of the most recognizable ties in Japanese rope bondage. Originally used in martial practice, it has evolved into a sexy tie used to show the vulnerability and strength of the bottom being tied. Endlessly variable, the tie enables tops and bottoms to create a harness for the feelings they want to embody, be they sensuality, objectification, suffering, or elation.

We will instruct students in one way to construct this pattern. We will discuss wrap placement, different locks and frictions, as well as options for bottoms with varying levels of mobility.

Day 2 - March 4th

Class 3: Tie Like You Fucking Mean It – Getting what you want out of your play!
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

What do you do to make scenes hotter? Flirtier? Sexier? More fun? Negotiation is often taught as a sterile subject, something that needs to get done and rope patterns can get boring fast. In this class, we’ll re-examine your negotiations so you’ll look forward to doing them, and give energy and spontaneity to your rope style to actively engage your partner. Whether you want your scenes to be sexy, mean, or silly, and whether you’re a top, bottom, or switch, this class will be helpful to make your partners feel comfortable, heard, and excited to tie with you.

Class 4 – Tie Like A Jerk - How to be sadistic for fun!
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Some people do rope play for sensual connection. Others do it to hear “Fuck you. That sucked. When can we do it again?” Sometimes it is difficult to get into the headspace you need to inflict pain and be "mean" in your play. In this class, we’ll show you how to intentionally be a jerk to satisfy bottoms that want you to be rough and aggressive with them! How?
-Negotiation and safety for "mean" rope scenes, for tops and bottoms.
-Demonstrations of painful ties, followed by lab time to explore your inner jerk.
-How to figure out the level of "assholery" that’s appropriate for your scene.

What to bring for all classes:
  • Layered clothing - you might be hot, you might be cold. Form fitting athletic clothing advised for those getting tied (bottoms). If you plan to wear a bra while getting tied, please wear a bra without underwire!
  • Yoga mat, blanket, or something padded if you intend to tie on the floor.
  • Water
  • Note-taking device
  • Safety Cutting tool - Safety Shears or Hook Knife
  • 1-6 lengths of 7-8m rope

Rope Bondage Instructor: MisterBacon 

MisterBacon (he/him/his) is a switch from Los Angeles. He began his rope education in 2013. He is an active member of the Devil Mask Society rope family. He currently teaches a monthly introductory rope bondage class in Culver City, CA, and has been privileged to be able to teach in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Atlanta. Additionally, he has performed in Los Angeles and at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.
Known primarily for being a jerk with rope and for his elaborate negotiation style, MisterBacon strives to create scenes and classes that will allow others to feel his enjoyment of rope. Using his experience as a rope top and bottom, he aims to help people empathize with their partner as a way to improve their rope experience. Scenes are only as good as the interplay between all involved parties, so MisterBacon wants his partners and students to see the importance of getting to know the person they’re tying with beyond just their list of do’s and don’ts. He has been described as a “gleeful sadist.” 

Event Organizer: WhiskeyGinger 

WhiskeyGinger (they/them) is a submissive and Rope Power Bottom. Whiskey dove into the Denver public kink and rope communities in 2015. Since then Whiskey has experienced 1 year of being in a 24/7 power dynamic and loves the emotional and spiritual growth that authority exchange relationships can bring. Kink community involvement is paramount to Whiskey and they have served as a member of the educational committee for Hitchin' Bitches Denver, as an Educational Liaison for Bondage Expo Denver, as a volunteer for Colorado Leather Fest, and Secretary for the Denver Rope Bite Board. Whiskey facilitates VERB – VERY ENGAGED ROPE BOTTOMING, bottoms for rope performances, and teaches Rope Bottoming 101. They participate in kink conferences including Thunder in the Mountains, Sin in the City, Kinkfest, Bondage Expo Dallas, Bondage Expo Denver, and Dark Odyssey: Surrender.

Thanks for visiting Studio Friction! 

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