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Denver's Home for Rope and AErial Art

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Studio Friction Board of Directors and Committee Assignments

Executive Committee & Board

xrae (she/her)  Co-President

Willow (she/her) - Co-President

Nick (he/him) – Vice President

Snoh (she/her) - Treasurer

Shorty Kat (she/her) - Secretary

Anna (she/her) Director

Programming Committee

Switchtext (he/him) - Chair

Willow (she/her) - Co-Chair

Thomas (he/him)

Snoh (she/her)

Shorty Kat (she/her)

Volunteer Committee

littleknots (she/her) - Chair

Kaylee (she/her)

xrae (she/her)

Willow (she/her)

Snoh (she/her)

Marketing Committee

Bea (they/them) Chair

Switchtext (he/him)

Kylie (she/her)

Willow (she/her)

Finance Committee

Snoh (she/her) - Chair

xrae (she/her)

Willow (she/her)

Smitten (she/her)  Bookkeeper

EBD (Equity, Belonging & Diversity) Committee

Shorty Kat (she/her) - Chair

Oso (he/him)

Aster (they/them)

IT Committee

Skhoob (he/him) Chair

Creative Mayhem (he/him)

Nick (he/him)

Facilities Committee

Switchtext (he/him) Chair

xrae (she/her)

Nick (he/him)

Thomas (he/him)

Nominations Committee (Ad Hoc Formation in June)

Studio Friction

740 Lipan St. Denver, CO 80204

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