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Become a Studio Friction Instructor

Studio Friction is always looking for instructors to teach a variety of classes - including classes that are not rope-specific. We strive to provide content representative of a variety of styles and approaches presented by vetted instructors of all levels, backgrounds, and identities. 

We currently offer:

  • Virtual Classes (taught from your home, or the studio if you prefer via Zoom)

  • In Person Short Format Classes (Denver Rope Bite style classes, ~2 hrs)

  • Intensives (several hours or over more than one day)

  • Curriculum Course Classes (4 week in-person classes that build upon the previous course content)

As of June 1, 2022 Studio Friction pays its 4 week Curriculum Course Instructors $125 each (to the top and the bottom) for each 4-week session they teach and $10 per pair (to each the top and bottom) Instructor for intensives.  Out of town presenters are paid per contract.  

Have an idea for a different class format you’d like to teach? Reach out and let’s see what we can put together! If you have a class that you would like to teach, please email us at and include "Programming" in the subject line.

In order to be considered, you must be willing to participate in a vetting process, and have demonstrated proficiency in the topic you would like to teach. You must also agree to follow the Studio Friction Educator's Code of Conduct.  If you have not taught a class before but would like to get started, we are happy to work with you, and help you build those skills. So don’t be afraid to reach out!    

Please send a brief email and include: 

  • Name you would like to be addressed by and your pronouns 

  • Class or classes and format (virtual, in person, etc.) you would like to teach

  • Are you currently a member of Studio Friction in good standing? If you do NOT have a Studio Friction membership let us know. (Out of town instructor, teaching an education course not rope specific etc.)

  • Brief description of your training (ie. Studio Friction Curriculum Courses x, y or z, self taught/experiential, DRB classes, bottoming workshops, rope cons, intensives, private lessons, etc.)

  • A self-assessment of your skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc.) in the subject or area you want to teach

  • Self-assessment of your teaching skills (none but would like to start, have taught x,y,z class, professional teacher, etc.)

  • Have you been involved in any consent violation process in this community or another? Have you ever been accused of a consent violation? If so, please describe.

  • Have you had any accidents or injuries while tying or teaching?  If so, please describe. 

  • Please provide 2 references who can speak to your consent/negotiation practices, skill level and teaching ability, as well as overall character.

Thank you!  Once we have your email, someone from our programming team will reach out to follow up.


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