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Pleasure Seekers: Consensual Nonmonogamy Panel Discussion

  • 11 Jun 2024
  • 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Studio Friction
  • 27


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Every second Tuesday of the month we will be treated to sex and kink education on a wide range of topics. Stay tuned for more sexy topics coming your way!


Consensual Nonmonogamy Panel Discussion 

Consensual nonmonogamy isn’t rare; 20% of Americans have engaged in CNM at some point in their lives. Come join Pleasure Seekers as we talk to a panel of people who are in various forms of nonmonogamous relationships: polyamory, swinging, open relationships, relationship anarchy, and monogamish. We will discuss how they found nonmonogamy, how they navigate struggles, and the benefits they receive. We'll even get into some of the more controversial stuff like jealousy and whether it's an orientation or choice.

Our panelists are there to address your burning curiosity and share their lived experiences. This will be a facilitated panel but there will be time for audience engagement so bring your questions!

About the Panelists (developing):

Thunderbunny (he/him) has been consensually non monogamous for over a decade, and a kinkster at least that long. He's a student of human behavior, including his own, and dabbles in areas related to communication and what that actually means, as well as accountability, autonomy, and why they're important enough to actually define. 

Tattooed_N_Nerdy (she/her) is a total sex nerd, both personally and professionally. As an educator and sex therapist, she provides knowledge about kink, sexuality, consensual nonmonogamy, intimacy, desire, and navigating trauma recovery. From the classroom to the therapy room to the conference room to the play space, she is an intersectional and sex-positive provocateur hoping to instigate thoughtful dialogue and dispel shame related to all things kinky and sexy. FetLife: @Tattooed_N_Nerdy IG: @_tattooed_n_nerdy

Angela (she/her) Angela Engel, M.A. Facilitator, Writer, Educator. Angela has enjoyed the lifestyle for more than twenty years while being both single and married. She is the author of the book Graffiti in Eden, a bold memoir about the risks of navigating nonmonogamy with a heart, wide open. 

Angela teaches Graduate Studies for educators working with at-risk and underserved students. As a business owner and master facilitator, she leads groups in community engagement and civic leadership. She also facilitates psilocybin journeys for those seeking deeper clarity and meaning in their lives. She is married with two lovely daughters, a pair of aging dogs, and three chickens.

Eddy (he/him) is a seasoned dance teacher with over 30 years of experience, navigating various sexually oriented environments and embracing consensual non-monogamy in his 20-year marriage. With excellent interpersonal skills, Eddy offers valuable insights on communication, boundaries, and maintaining a strong and loving bond in long-term relationships.

Discussion facilitation:
Lindsay Hayes (she/her) Lindsay holds an MA in communication and an MA in Couple and Family Therapy. Her master’s thesis was a qualitative study on the lived experience of being in a polycule. She is currently a student in the PhD in Counseling Studies program at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland where she continues to study polyamory. Lindsay practices therapy part-time in her practice More to Love, PLLC and lives in Denver. In addition to being a rope bunny, she enjoys spending time with her pet bunnies, husband, partner, and friends in her spare time.
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