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Weekend Intensive - Exposure & Restraint with Bondagious & Thumper

  • 6 Apr 2024
  • 7 Apr 2024
  • 2 sessions
  • 6 Apr 2024, 1:00 PM 5:00 PM (MDT)
  • 7 Apr 2024, 1:00 PM 5:00 PM (MDT)
  • Studio Friction Main Room
  • 5


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Exposure & Restraint:

Clothing Play & Rope Bondage


Bondagious & Thumper

2 Day - price per tying pair: 

BOUND Members $250 |TIED Members $300 | WRAPPED Members $350

Full 2 Day single person auditor price: $75

Saturday, April 6th, 1PM - 5PM

Sunday, April 7th, 1PM - 5PM

Looking for ways to turn up the heat in your rope scenes? Keep your clothes on!

Ordinary items from your closet can lend exciting layers of restraint and support in your ties. They also create a feeling of security and identity to the person wearing them—an opportunity to provoke new sensations and unexpected emotions by peeling them off. Use the structured elements of clothing in sensual ways to increase intimacy and build erotic energy: an unbuttoned shirt, a lifted skirt, an open fly… You may be surprised by how exposed you look and feel while still being mostly dressed.

This is a two-day workshop. Tickets are sold per the tying pair. If you prefer to only audit the class you can buy an individual auditor ticket.

Day One: Peel Them Like Fruit

In this guided lab, Bondagious and Thumper will present a variety of tactics to explore an unexpected form of edging through undressing. We will examine clothing in rope as a structural element as well as a tool for sensation play.

Day 1 things to bring:

Riggers:  Full suspension kit

People in rope:

 Please bring garments with the following characteristics: 

  • An upper-body garment with buttons down the front, eg. a button-up shirt, bodice, dress, even a jean jacket or other light outer garment could be fun. 
  • A stretch fabric upper body garment that covers the chest and torso that you are willing to have cut up and destroyed. 
  • Worn out or badly stained clothes, items that will not be useful for you or anyone else are excellent candidates. eg. t-shirt, tank top, jersey dress.
  • A lower body garment with a fitted waistband that unbuttons/zips eg. jeans, pants, knee-length or longer skirt.
  • Full seat underwear/briefs and socks
Day One Prerequisites:
  • This lab is aimed at partners who are comfortable improvising floor ties and/or partial suspensions and who wish to explore elements of emotional intimacy and intensity. This is not a pattern-focused workshop. We will focus on ways to play once our partners are secured. Efficiently and sustainably tying up their partner will leave riggers more time to explore the elements under consideration. Good communication skills and a trusting dynamic will enable partners to explore potentially new and challenging experiences.

    Riggers:  Please come prepared with the following elements in your technical toolbox:

    • An upper body harness or tie which restrains the torso and leaves the sternum accessible. This can be a box tie/TK, a hands-free chest harness, or even simply securing the arms behind the back or at the sides in a sustainable manner, with improvised wrapping around the upper body.
    • A form of half mermaid tie, tying around the waist and thighs. This can be as simple as a single column tie at the waist and some ladder ties, reverse tension or forward tension wraps on the thighs above the knees.
    • Ways to tie to external points: furniture, posts, hard points, or to other rope structures on the body.
    • We will not do major load-bearing suspensions, but experience with partial suspensions and/or safety lines for stability will be an asset for play. 
    People in rope:  Experience being in rope, noticing physical and emotional responses, knows personal body strengths/limits

Day Two: Making A Mess of Things

Having had a first exposure to taking care of our partners and their clothes, we’re now going to flip the script and provoke a new slice of emotions and scenarios. Armed with our experiences from Day One, we will shift our tactics to destruction, desecration, and straight out meanness in order to take it further, both on the ground and in the air.

Day 2 things to bring:

We will play with altering, cutting, soaking clothes in this workshop. Bring items you are comfortable sacrificing to the cause.

Consider items from your closet that have reached the end of their usefulness for you, ask friends for donations or consider thrifting inexpensive options. We find a lot of items on the street/in the trash which we clean thoroughly and keep aside as play clothes.

Clothing items:

  • structured upper body garment, with or without buttons, to be opened/split down the front
  • stretch fabric upper body garment, to be torn into shreds, eg. tank top, t-shirt, jersey dress
  • lower body garment (preferably structured) that covers legs separately , eg. jeans (our favorite), pants or tights, to be cut
  • white or light colored fabric garments, to be soaked to render sheer
  • full-seat underwear/briefs socks, to be soaked
  • Aftercare: towels/robe to stay warm and be comforted after exercises and any other aftercare items you may want for self-soothing.

*Riggers should note that their rope may get wet or damp in this class. Using a rope kit you aren't worried about getting wet is advised*

Day Two Prerequisites:

Attendance of Exposure and Restraint: Day One

Static suspension experience with your attending partner (suspendable upper-body/chest harness, ankle ties, thigh cuffs, upline management on single point). We will not review technical elements of the tie: participants are expected to make informed choices from their respective toolkits to manage a suspension sequence within their comfort zone.

Riggers: Please come prepared with the following elements in your technical toolbox:

  • Suspendable upper-body harnesses for use in standing and/or face-down suspensions, which restrain the torso and leave the sternum accessible. These can be a box tie/TK, a hands-free chest harness, and/or any other harness you are comfortable tying efficiently and which your partner finds sustainable. (An arms-in-front harness can also work but will shift some of the play target zones to the back and sides.) The objective is to maximize time to play while the harness is loaded. Varying the choice of harness per exercise can be a good way to conserve energy for the person in rope.
  • Comfort in securing single column ties on thighs and ankles for suspension.
  • Comfort and security in managing uplines to a single hardpoint.
  • Cutting tool: safety shears (recommended), belt cutter, etc. You are in charge of your choice of cutting tools and the potential risks associated with their use. Be advised: we do not recommend nor are we equipped to deal with blood play in this workshop.

People in rope: Experience and confidence being in harnesses/suspended, stress & pain management skills.

About the Instructors:

Bondagious snared Thumper in a rope initiation in the fall of 2019, and they have been tying tangible and intangible bonds together ever since.

Bondagious (he/him)

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Bondagious (he/him) has advanced his hard and soft skills since 2018 through Japanese-inspired rope bondage classes at Tension Montreal, as well as at intensives with visiting artists Tifereth (June 2019), Nicolas Yoroi (Oct 2019), and Akechi Kanna (June 2022). With a background in performing arts, he enjoys showcasing his approach to play at Montreal’s Nuit des Cordes (2020-2024) and Tension’s Soirée Shibari rope performance showcase (April 2019, February 2020, April 2022). His penchant for reorganizing is not limited to his play partners however. He coordinated a public Street Shibari 2-day community showcase as part of Montreal’s Fetish Weekend 2019, and is the founder and ongoing co-host for Mens Rope Night, a monthly open practice for GBTQ+ men who tie men to meet, chat, watch and tie in a secure and supportive environment. This activity recently celebrated its 4th anniversary this past November.

Thumper (he/they)

Thumper (he/they) was first exposed to rope at a fateful first date in September 2019. Soon after, they started their education at Tension Montreal, first in ropes and subsequently as a rigger in December 2019. Being a stage performer and former gymnast, they were also invited to co-teach suspension classes as a person in ropes in 2019–20. Live performance has always been a part of Thumper’s interests. They were pleased to collaborate with Bondagious on their first performance at Tension’s monthly Soirée Shibari (Feb 2020), where they went all-in to prepare a stage-worthy moment that was well received by the local community. Along with being invited again to perform at Tension in April 2022, they also took part in the 2020 through 2024 editions of Nuit des Cordes in Montreal. Thumper is also one of the co-hosts of Men’s Rope Night, an event that aims to increase participation of GBTQ+ men in rope spaces.

This duo’s extended exploration of clothing kinks drew them to develop their Exposure and Restraint: clothing play and rope bondage workshop, which they previewed at NARIX Montreal in June 2022 and have since toured to Toronto (Aug ‘22), New York (Nov ‘22, May ‘23), Ottawa (Nov ‘22), Quebec City (Jan ‘ 23), Chicago (Dec ‘23), and Austin, TX (Feb ‘24).

Important Registration Information:

  • Studio friction membership is required to attend to enable us to maintain our 501(c)7 non-profit status (per the IRS we can only earn 30% of our income from non-members). If you're not a member, but interested in attending, consider joining us. Membership starts at $10 per month non-recurring. Learn more by clicking here.
  • All attendees must register and pay online, no admittance or registration at the door.
  • Photo ID is required to be admitted and must match the Last Name listed in your online registration. 
  • You must be at least 19 years of age to attend Studio Friction events.
  • No refunds or credits on cancellations within 24 hours of event (contact us for extenuating circumstances).

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