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Studio Friction Rope Intensive: Intro to Bamboo Suspension w/ Shosty9 and athena

  • 1 Jun 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Studio Friction
  • 5



Studio Friction Rope Intensive:


w/ Shosty9/Matt and athena/ghost_sonata

Price (per tying pair): 

BOUND Members $20 | TIED Members $30 | WRAPPED Members $40

Class Description:

In this class, Matt & athena will walk through the basics of tying to overhead bamboo as a hard point, instead of a traditional single point. They will start from rigging the bamboo and proceed all the way to suspension exercises.

Bamboo is different and nuanced, especially when so many of us are used to tying on single points. These differences will be discussed, as well as safety considerations.

Following this discussion, Matt & athena will lead class participants in setting up their bamboo and instructing a tie off that is designed more specifically for bamboo suspension. Following this, two suspensions will be demonstrated that highlight some of the differences between tying to bamboo vs. a single point.

The first will be a partial suspension that will allow for use of the newly instructed tie off, as well as give the rigger an opportunity to discover some of the differences of tying on bamboo. It will also give the person being tied an opportunity to experience the different sensations of a bamboo suspension.

The second suspension will be a full suspension that will give the rigger the chance to play with different body positions on the bamboo, and more practice with tie offs. The person being tied will be able to experience the different ways a bamboo suspension affects their body, and will give them the opportunity to experiment with micro adjustments with their body to better manage these types of suspension.

Throughout this class, athena will offer valuable information for persons being tied in respect to bamboo suspensions, including how to manage breathing, the different body sensations of a bamboo suspension, and other bottoming-related topics as they arise.

Bamboo hard points will be provided. Riggers *must* provide their own safety shears/knife/cutting implement.

Prerequisites and Equipment:

Rigger: knowledge of a suspension worthy chest harness, understanding of tension in ties, familiarity with suspension line tie offs, and non-collapsible single column ties. Prior static suspension experience is strongly preferred.

Bottom: clear and thorough communication skills, strong body awareness in rope (particularly in suspension), ability to adjust in rope while suspended, and ability to manage potentially stressful positions while suspended. Previous static suspension experience preferred.


Every tying pair will need about 10-12 lengths of rope in good condition (however many you need for suspension, plus a couple more), carabiners, and a cutting implement. An aftercare blanket and/or pillow, as well as snacks, are optional but nice to have.

About the Instructors:

Matt/Shosty9 (he/him) & athena/ghost_sonata (she/her)

Matt has been a part of the Denver rope community since 2018. A true engineer at heart, he is focused more on the "why" of rope, breaking down patterns to understand their interaction. Athena's kink journey began 8 years ago, and she's spent her time exploring power exchange, consent education, giggly masochism, and plenty of time in rope.

Matt and athena are partners in both rope and life as a whole. When their first paths crossed in 2019, they initially discussed tying together in a totally casual context, primarily for Matt's "learning." That context lasted precisely two weeks before they started mapping out their future together. The two thoroughly enjoy teaching as a pair, with athena's extensive bottoming knowledge rounding out Matt's technical tying abilities. Aside from rope, they enjoy primal play, knives, impact, breath play, and fooling the muggles into thinking they're all about vanilla heteronormativity.

Important Registration Information:

  • All attendees must register and pay online, no admittance or registration at the door.

  • Studio friction membership is required to attend to enable us to maintain our 501(c)7 non-profit status (per the IRS we can only earn 30% of our income from non-members). If you're not a member, but interested in attending, consider joining us. Membership starts at $10 per month non-recurring. Learn more by clicking here.

  • Photo ID is required to be admitted.

  • You must be 19 years of age or older to attend Studio Friction events.

  • No refunds or credits on cancellations within 24 hours of event (contact us for extenuating circumstances).

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