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Novel Ties with Sam Jay and Zero Gi

  • 8 Oct 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Studio Friction Main Room
  • 6



Novel Ties


Sam Jay & Zero Gi

price per tying pair: 

BOUND Members $215 |TIED Members $225 | WRAPPED Members $235

Sunday Oct 8th, 10AM to 4PM

    Sunday, Day 2 - NovelTies

    These are thoroughly developed ties from our own laboratory and a couple rare gems that we've picked up from far-off friends over the years.


    • Bondage risk awareness and anatomy/body mechanics in rope.
    • You and your partner should be able to tie and suspend together, including multiple transitions.

    For the top:

    • Ability to tie at least one form of non-collapsing tie.
    • Ability to manage multiple uplines with fast, secure lockoffs
    • Ability to tie with accurate, consistent placement and tension, and with variable levels of tension

    For the bottom:

    • Ability to communication in rope and in suspension, including inversions.
    • Awareness of your own body and necessary adaptations.
    • Following instructions and asking for help while suspending, both from instructors and partners
    • Protecting your and your partner's needs, vulnerabilities, and boundaries before, during, and after rope

    Things to bring on Day 2:

    • A suspension ring or similar
    • A few extra straps for your ring
    • A standard kit of rope - enough for suspension. A few shorter ropes may be helpful

    Must be knowledgeable and experienced with:

    For everyone:

    • -bondage risk awareness and anatomy/body mechanics in rope
    • -multiple transitions in suspension
    • -sustainable upper body harnesses for suspension
    • -tying at least one form of non-collapsing single column tie
    • -following instructions and asking for help while suspending, both from instructors and partners
    • -protecting your and your partner's needs, vulnerabilities, and boundaries before, during, and after rope

    If tying:

    • -managing and handling multiple uplines in suspension
    • -secure, fast lockoffs
    • -rope and body handling
    • -ability to tie with consistent and accurate tension and placement

    If being tied:

    • -ability to sustain and communicate effectively in inversions
    • -proper adaptations for your body
    • -ability to sustain load-bearing waist rope or hip harnesses

    Will benefit from:

    • -having many variations of upper body, hip, and lower body harnesses in your toolbox and knowledge of their comparative strengths and weaknesses in different applications
    • -experience navigating both dynamic and static transition sequences
    • -experience adapting ties and adapting in ties for injury risk reduction
    • -effective communication in the air
    • -experience with your tying partner
    • -ego management

    Sam Jay & Zero Gi DISCLAIMERS:

    • We are not licensed instructors of anything here.
    • Some things we've picked up from others, but these are our own interpretations
    • Other things are our own Inventions

    About the Instructors:

    Sam Jay he/him, Zero Gi she/her

    Zero-Gi and Samjay take rope bondage to new heights, from skyscrapers to haute couture. As a rope duo, their dynamic style and taste for the extreme have manifested in everything from single toe suspension performances in Jamaica to rigging from the tops of Berlin radio towers at dawn. As an artistic tying team, their collaborations have graced top fashion magazines working with talents like Emily Ratajkowski and Justine Biticon, and they have been honored to present for a diversity of audiences worldwide, ranging in genre from high fetish ball Torture Garden NYC to underground queer techno raves, upscale galas, secret sex societies, social justice groups, and in burlesque, circus, fine arts, parkour, and high fashion.

    Important Registration Information:

    • All attendees must register and pay online, no admittance or registration at the door.
    • Photo ID is required to be admitted and must match the Last Name listed in your online registration. 
    • You must be at least 19 years of age to attend Studio Friction events.
    • No refunds or credits on cancellations within 24 hours of event (contact us for extenuating circumstances).

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