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Badass Rope Bottoming

  • 11 Mar 2023
  • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Studio Friction
  • 5


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Studio Friction Rope Intensive:

Badass Rope Bottoming

Price per pair:

BOUND Members $10 |TIED Members $20 |

WRAPPED Members $30 |Non-member $40

Price per person:

BOUND Members $5 |TIED Members $10 |

WRAPPED Members $15 | Non-member $20


Instructors: Pixie and GoodFoxy

When: Saturday, March 11th 11AM-3PM


Have you ever wished as a rope bottom that you could do “more”? Have you wanted a particular type of rope experience but weren’t sure how to get there? Have you ever compared yourself to others, wondering how they can do what they do and if what you feel in rope is at all like what they feel in rope? Or maybe you’re new to this world and are wondering what more you can do from your half?

This class is NOT about glorifying or teaching you to be the most bendy, masochistic rope bottom who has the longest rope scenes. Rather our objective is to improve your rope bottom experiences (including mental, emotional, and physical) through thoughtfully examining a comprehensive rope bottoming experience. You will learn true badass rope bottom skills including negotiation, risk assessment, safety, self knowledge for preferences/placement, breath & pain management, and communication.

You are encouraged to come with a tying partner to this class, as there will be hands on rope exercises for the both of you. (Note that tying skills will not be taught directly in this workshop.)

Do I have to have a tying partner to attend?

No. We want this workshop accessible to all bottoms regardless of their current tying situation. You will learn a lot from attending alone. Many exercises throughout the day will have modifications available for self-tying or even practice without rope. However, there may be a few exercises that require a Top and in these cases you may need to self-reflect.

I'm a switch. Can I bring my partner who is a switch and switch in class?

We love switches! Including switches who play with each other. There will be some opportunity to switch in class, but hands-on exercises will generally be timed to accommodate only one partner to participate. Therefore if you come with your switch friend you may want to alternate exercises or designate someone as the primary bottom for the day.

Pre-requisites & Equipment:

  • There are no required pre-reqs for this class as everything will be accessible to all skill levels. However, rope bottoms that have experience with tying and suspension may be able to engage more deeply in the intensive.
  • Rope bottoms/switches with tying partners should bring at least one hank of rope. If your top has learned suspension outside of class they should bring their kit as there may be time for brief hand-on exercises.

About our instructors:

Pixie - @P1X13
p1x13 (pronounced pixie) has been getting tied, tying herself, and tying others for the past 8 years. She was previously a community leader in St. Louis and sat on the board of directors at Studio Friction from 21-22. An academic at heart, she always enjoys learning more about rope bondage and other forms of kink. She is drawn towards the flexibility of rope especially for its beauty, pain, strain, challenge, sensation, joy, and, of course, its connection.


GoodFoxy (she/they) has been in love with shibari for about 4 years. She was thankfully introduced to it as a bottom by a friend and after taking curriculum classes with the intention of bottoming, they soon found a desire to learn to tie quickly becoming clear. They identify as a queer rope switch. Their tying style leans heavily into sensual, focused, connected (umm..sometimes sexy) rope with interwoven elements of sadism, playfulness, and creativity. 

Important Registration Information:

  • All attendees must register and pay online, no admittance or registration at the door.
  • Photo ID is required to be admitted.
  • You must be 19 years of age or older to attend Studio Friction events.
  • No refunds or credits on cancellations within 24 hours of event (contact us for extenuating circumstances).

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