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Rope Class: Formless Floor Ties with P1X13 and Satori333

  • 24 Jul 2021
  • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Studio Friction
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Formless Floor Ties

With P1X13 and Satori333 

Cost per tying pair: non members $50, Wrapped Members $40, Tied Members $30, Bound Members $20

We start learning rope for different reasons: bondage, aesthetics, pain, etc. Most of us love the connection we get with our partners. In suspension and many classes there is a strong focus on patterns. But when tying patterns it can be all too easy to think more about the rope than the connection. 

Formless floor ties (and partials) offer an excellent medium to bring your attention back to the connection. They can spark creativity and lead to beautiful aesthetics as well. 

In this class we will learn a few foundational skills for formless ties (in-line cuffs, frictions), a few starting places to kick off the creativity, options to add some spice to the ties, and principles for creating a free form tie that “works” for both top and bottom. We’ll practice techniques for connecting with our partners such as the breath, body manipulation, and sensation. Finally, we’ll learn to really read our bottoms and modify our techniques to create the reaction we want. 

Please join with a tying partner you’re comfortable making a connection with beyond a pattern.


Basic knowledge of a single column tie, rope handling, and tension will help you follow along with the class, but you may be able to gather these as you go.

About our Presenter:


(She, Her)

p1x13 (pronounced pixie) has been getting tied, tying herself, and tying others for the past 7 years. She has taught numerous classes and led a variety of community events such as Rope School St. Louis, Rope Social Lafayette, and more.  An academic at heart, she always enjoys learning more about rope bondage and other forms of kink. She is drawn towards the flexibility of rope especially for its beauty, pain, strain, challenge, sensation, connection, and joy.



Satori333 is a pansexual tech nerd and masochistic rope bottom who has been active in the rope scene for about 1.5 years. She was a professional model for over 15 years, and now does some kink modeling for fun. She is passionate about sharing her extensive experience with new rope models, so they can effectively advocate for themselves in photography situations.

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