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Studio Friction Rope Intensive: Intro to Bamboo Suspension with pandoradreams and athena

  • 24 Apr 2021
  • 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Studio Friction Main Room
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  • cost is for two people - a tying pair
  • price is for two people / tying pair

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with pandoradreams and athena

Cost: $40/pair for BOUND and TIED members - $50/pair for WRAPPED members 

Note: you must register and pay online, no admittance or registration at the door 

About the class:

In this class, pandoradreams will walk through the basics of tying to overhead bamboo as a hard point, instead of a traditional single point. Tying to bamboo is different and has its own nuances, so the differences between tying to bamboo and tying to a single point will be discussed.  Safety considerations will also be discussed, as there are some safety considerations to keep in mind while performing bamboo suspensions.  Following this discussion, pandoradreams will instruct a tie off that is designed more specifically for bamboo suspension, and this tie off will be practiced by students. Following this, two suspensions will be demonstrated that highlight some of the differences between tying to bamboo vs. a single point. The first will be a partial suspension that will allow for use of the newly instructed tie off, as well as give the rigger an opportunity to discover some of the differences of tying on bamboo. It will also give the person being tied an opportunity to experience the different sensations of a bamboo suspension. The second suspension will be a full suspension that will give the rigger the chance to play with different body positions on the bamboo, and more practice with tie offs. The person being tied will be able to experience the different ways a bamboo suspension affects their body, and will give them the opportunity to experiment with micro adjustments with their body to better manage these types of suspension.  Throughout this class, Athena will offer valuable information for persons being tied in respect to bamboo suspensions, including how to manage breathing, the different body sensations of a bamboo suspension, and other bottoming-related topics as they arise. 

Bamboo hard points will be provided.  Riggers *must* provide their own safety shears/knife/cutting implement. 


Rigger: knowledge of a suspension worthy 2 rope TK or arms free chest harness (Butterfly harness, leafless rose, etc), understanding of tension in ties, familiarity with suspension line tie offs, and non-collapsible single column ties.  Prior static suspension experience is strongly preferred. 

Bottom: clear and thorough communication skills, strong body awareness in rope (particularly in suspension), ability to adjust in rope while suspended, and ability to manage potentially stressful positions while suspended. Previous static suspension experience preferred but not required. 


Every tying pair will need about 10-12 lengths of rope in good condition (however many you need for suspension, plus a couple more), suspension point hardware (carabiners, rigging plate, or ring), and a cutting implement. At least one extra carabiner is strongly recommended. An aftercare blanket and/or pillow is optional but nice to have.

About our instructors:


She / Her

pandoradreams has been a member of the Denver kink community for 8 years. During this time, she has been involved as education coordinator for Denver Rope Bite and education coordinator/producer of Rope in the Rockies, and is an enthusiastic proponent of high quality, comprehensive education. She has experience with teaching rope, performing with rope, and rope photography, mainly in the Denver area. Her background as a rope bottom and her career in healthcare add to the comprehensive nature of her rope classes as she strives to include information that benefits both bottom and rigger.

Athena / ghost_sonata

(She, Her)

Since discovering kink six years ago, athena has rounded out her vanilla life by exploring power exchange, giggly masochism, and plenty of time in rope. A highly sensitive rope slut with an insatiable appetite for novelty, she has had the pleasure of discovering the many different modalities rope has to offer with trusted and intimate partners. 

A consent enthusiast, relational junkie, and liberal feminist killjoy, athena has shared her passion with others while teaching about rope, power dynamics, sexuality, feminism, kink, and personal transformation in many cities across the United States.

For our friends safety and health:

• The total capacity for open lab has been reduced to 18 attendees.

• All attendees must register and pay online to reduce exposure for our volunteers at the door. No walk-ins will be permitted to join the event.

• All attendees must sign a covid waiver when registering online and submit to a symptom check including a no touch temperature check at the door.

• All attendees must wear appropriate masks in the studio at all times and socially distance 6' per colorado mandate. Please note that Denver now requires masks to be worn in outdoor public spaces as well.

• Due to the increase in COVID cases in Denver, attendees wanting to tie or be tied by anyone but themselves must come with a tying partner, and only tie with that person during class. You and your tying partner must maintain social distancing of 6ft from other attendees.

• Please bring your own mat and rope, mats and rope will not be available from the studio

• The studio will be disinfected after each event, and commonly touched surfaces will be cleaned during the event

• Hand sanitizer and surface sanitizer will be available throughout the studio

• An ultraviolet air sanitizer will be installed adjacent to the HVAC system by 11/9/20

• We request that you let us know if you test positive for the novel coronavirus and have been at the studio in the past 14 days.

• In the event that someone who has attended the studio within the past 14 days tests positive for the coronavirus, we will notify attendees who were at the same event. The identity of the positive individual will not be disclosed in the notification. Attendees will receive notification of possible exposure via the email address used to register for events.

• If you are not feeling well, or if you have been around someone who has or is suspected to have the novel coronavirus, please be considerate and stay home.


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