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Studio Friction Rope Intensive: Non-TK Transitions with pandoradreams and g

  • 26 Sep 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Studio Friction Main Room
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  • cost is for two people - a tying pair
  • price is for two people / tying pair

Registration is closed

Cost: $40/pair for BOUND and TIED members - $50/pair for WRAPPED members

Note: you must register and pay online, no admittance or registration at the door 

Rope Intensive : Non-TK Transitions

with pandoradreams and g

About the class:

In this mini intensive, we will focus on dynamic suspension transitions using chest harnesses other than the gote, or TK. These chest harnesses will still provide a degree of support to the bottom while allowing for dynamic movements and creative shapes. We will explore the differences between dynamic transitions using a TK and non-TK based transitions, and necessary tying considerations/safety precautions. Emphasis will be placed on the foundational nature of the chest harnesses being instructed as the instructor is incredibly passionate that good, solid harnesses make for better, uneventful transition sequences.

In this class, we will explore two transition sequences using non-TK chest harnesses. The first will be a shorter sequence aimed at warming up both the rigger and the person being tied while offering insight into load line management, management of lines at the hard point, and the creative possibilities of transitions that are not TK-based. The second sequence will be a highly advanced transition sequence with multiple steps that will challenge your load line management, planning, and the communication between partners. This sequence will also provide insight in how to position the body in elegant and abstract ways while using a non-TK chest harness.


Riggers - knowledge of a solid two rope TK. While the TK will not be used, the techniques used to tie the two chest harnesses will involve skills utilized in tying a suspension worthy TK. Comfort with load line management, understanding of tension in ties, and experience with static suspension. Some basic experience/understanding of dynamic transitions is preferred, but not required. 

Bottoms - Strong sense of body awareness, ability to identify potential injury (nerve injury vs. compression), and excellent, thoroughcommunication required. Skills with pain/discomfort processing is also encouraged as the second transition may involve a couple of positions that may be uncomfortable. Prior experience with static suspension suggested. Experience with dynamic transitions preferred, but not required.


Every tying pair will need about 10-12 lengths of rope in good condition (however many you need for suspension, plus a couple more), suspension point hardware (carabiners, rigging plate, or ring), and a cutting implement. At least one extra carabiner is strongly recommended. An aftercare blanket and/or pillow is optional but nice to have.

About our instructors:


She / Her

pandoradreams has been a member of the Denver kink community for 8 years. During this time, she has been involved as education coordinator for Denver Rope Bite and education coordinator/producer of Rope in the Rockies, and is an enthusiastic proponent of high quality, comprehensive education. She has experience with teaching rope, performing with rope, and rope photography, mainly in the Denver area. Her background as a rope bottom and her career in healthcare add to the comprehensive nature of her rope classes as she strives to include information that benefits both bottom and rigger.



g entered the scene after an awakening to her submissive and masochist inclinations. She instantly felt a sense of belonging with the kink community, but it wasn’t until she moved to Denver over 3 years ago that she first was given an opportunity to experience the joy of suffering in rope. She is drawn to the physical and mental challenges of strenuous ties and the shared experience created with her partners. Over the years, she has been given opportunities to tie with several talented riggers and continues to explore ways of pushing her own limits while growing as an empowered partner in rope. Through her work outside of kink, g has also received training in the health sciences and enjoys opportunities where she can combine her scientific mind with the artistry of rope. She is looking forward to giving back to the community by sharing some of the expertise she has gained in her professional life along with insights she has acquired during her journey as a rope bottom.

For our friends safety and health:

• All attendees must register and pay online to reduce exposure for our volunteers at the door

• All attendees must sign a covid waiver and submit to a symptom check including a no touch temperature check

• All attendees must wear masks in the studio at all times per the Colorado state mandate

• Please bring your own mat and rope, mats and rope will not be available from the studio

• The studio will be disinfected after each event, and commonly touched surfaces will be cleaned during the event

• Hand sanitizer and surface sanitizer will be available thru out the studio

Thanks for visiting Studio Friction! 

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