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Ravenous: A Night of Sexy, Kinky Consensual Play and Dance

  • 1 Feb 2020
  • 6:15 PM
  • 2 Feb 2020
  • 1:00 AM

Special event hosted by
Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates & Tim Murray:

Ravenous: A Night of Sexy, Kinky Consensual Play and Dance

It is time to heartfully turn up the heat at this conscious kinky sex experience. This is not a sex party, though there will be sex allowed. This is not a play party, though we will be playing plenty. This is a curated and facilitated event designed to help you find your own edge, connect with new friends and old lovers around theirs, and take those new skills into the night and see how much fun you can have with them. Become a sensual sexual explorer. Please only invite those who you yourself would like to spend an intimate evening together.

Tickets are limited to keep the event intimate, so don't delay. $55 Early Bird - 1st 10 tickets $60 Standard Pricing Week of the event $75 At the Door

We will begin with an expertly facilitated connection activity designed to give everyone in the room a firm grasp on how to give and receive consent within themselves, and to others. There will then be a series of Sensation Stations for you to explore new experiences. As a community we will create a space where our desire, curiosity, learning, and consensual exploration are welcomed and celebrated.

Guides will be available at each station to help you learn about various ways to experience rope, leather, clips, canes, paddles, pressure points, and more. Then we leave the remainder of the evening free for you to explore and share as a community of explorers. Our guides will disperse, so they too can explore and adventure, and you have the opportunity to share your new knowledge with other adventurers.

Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates and Tim Murray will be your facilitators for this erotic journey. This is an inclusive event welcoming all genders, orientations, singles, couples and moresomes. Event Photograph by TastyCinnamonn _________________________________________________

Notes for Participants: Feel free to bring toys and gifts of service to share with the community. This is a “don't do anything you don't want to do”, and “a CONSENSUALLY do what you want to do” event. Boundaries will be honored and respected. This will be a closed container event, meaning no one will be permitted into the event after the opening circle begins. NO EXCEPTIONS! Hazel-Grace and Tim will be available throughout the event to ensure people feel welcome and as safe as possible. _________________________________________________

More VERY Important Notes: - ARRIVE BY Doors open at 6:15pm - Doors lock at 7:00pm - PARKING budget time for parking as it is mostly street parking - Light snacks will be provided - ATTIRE - Street wear to the door. Whatever you want to wear or not that has you feel sexy and comfortable. - PHOTOGRAPHY - There will be a specific space available for photos, should you want to get tied up and take sexy pictures. No photos will be allowed in the main space of the event. - SOBER EVENT - No drugs or alcohol. _________________________________________________

WHAT TO BRING: - Everyone must bring at least one towel. - Favorite toys, lube, gloves etc. - Bring and create your own comfy nest - Yoga mat, pillows, faux fur, blankets, etc. - Water bottle _________________________________________________

About your Facilitators: Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates: She works with individuals and couples as a Clinical Sexologist and a Somatic Sex Educator to support them experiencing the healthiest and most fulfilling sex of their lives. She is an unyielding stand for the end of toxic sexual shame so that humans can experience heart-centered and empowered sexuality. _________________________________________________

Tim Murray: Tim is a Therapeutic Kink Practitioner and the author of A Kink in the Cure. At his core, he is a believer in making the world a better place. By day, he spends his time consulting with businesses on cultural and disruptive transformation initiatives, coaching leaders in pursuit of their goals, and mediating conflict in relationships. By night, he advances the evolution of society through supporting local non-profits and engaging with subversive social-change organizations. He carries a degree in Individualized Studies from Goddard College, where he focused on Behavioral Science with an emphasis on the use of BDSM as a tool for healing sexual shame and trauma. _________________________________________________

$55 Early Bird Pricing before 1/25 $60 Standard Pricing Week of the event $75 At the Door

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