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Denver Rope Bite 4th Saturday Class - Rope in the Rockies Tune Up!

  • 25 Aug 2018
  • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Studio Friction

Rope in the Rockies Tune Up!
- featuring CreativeMayhem, pandoradreams, Athena, g, and Thor!
August 25th 10 am-1 pm
Cost: $5 - CASH ONLY

Are you as excited about Rope in the Rockies as we are? Is this your first weekend con? Are you a bottom who is unsure how to prepare themselves for three full days of rope classes? Are you a rigger who wants to brush up on some basic skills that will help them tie more efficiently for the weekend? If you identify as any of the above, this special class is geared towards you!

During this class, Athena and g will walk you through some essential stretches meant to prepare your bodies for a full day of rope. They will then discuss some basic self care principles geared towards helping you sustain the physical, mental, and emotional rigors of a rope con. The floor will be opened for all bottoms to share their experiences and how they best manage lengthy rope events so we can all learn from one another.

Thor, local self suspension expert, will give a short overview on prep for those interested in self suspension - concepts you should be familiar with, methods of preparation, and more! Perhaps they will even give a sneak peek into their classes...

After we've addressed bottoming related and self suspension topics, we will give the floor to CreativeMayhem, who will lead tops through some basic exercises focusing on tension and rope management. These basic skills are essential to ensure optimal integrity of every one of your ties. After completing these exercises, pandoradreams will discuss some "Tips for Tops" aimed at helping tops prepare and manage the con weekend. Note: she will be sharing some helpful information about specific classes (for both top and bottom), so you wont want to miss this! The floor will then be opened for tops to share their experiences at cons in an effort to learn from one another.

This class will contain important information for everyone, regardless of how you identify. Even if you're not planning to attend Rope in the Rockies, this information is still pertinent and applicable to everyone. All are welcome, all are encouraged to attend. We hope to see you there!

Studio Friction

740 Lipan St. Denver, CO 80204

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