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Queer and Trans Inclusivity In Kink: Learning to Do Better, Together @ Studio Frition

  • 19 Aug 2018
  • 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • 740 Lipan St, Denver, CO, 80204`

Queer and Trans Inclusivity In Kink: Learning to Do Better, Together - Presented by _Nil

When: Sunday August 19th from 4-6:30PM
Cost: $10 Suggestion Donation - please do not let the cost deter your attendane

Do you support the queer community but find yourself a bit tongue tied when it comes to play negotiation and non-binary pronouns? Have you found yourself challenged when asked how your event is queer and transgender inclusive but unsure of how to be more welcoming? Does a slew of new vocabulary have you tripping over how to be a more competent ally? Recently, there has been a sizable push against the heteronormative cis-gender status quo of the BDSM scene. This shift necessitates non-queer kinksters empower themselves with vocabulary and basic knowledge to better navigate facilitation, negotiation, and play with queer bodied folks.

We all start somewhere, let’s grow in our knowledge together. Learn what that LGBTQIAA+ acronym really stands for, how to respectfully negotiate play and boundaries with individuals in the queer community, and how to be a more effective advocate for your fellow queer and trans kinksters. This workshop will cover the ins and outs of a spectrum of queer identities, discuss how to make safer spaces within the BDSM scene, and answer some of those tricky questions that Google just can’t. This is a class for those within the queer spectrum who struggle to articulate how they would like to be supported, as well as a class for those who would like to move towards more effective allyship and deeper understanding of the needs and importance of the queer and transgender community within the kink scene. All are welcome; community leaders, organizers, and facilitators are especially encouraged to attend.


About the Presenter:

Nil is a trans non-binary switch and a national kink presenter, queer educator, and perverted performer. Nil is the founder of Knotty Queers, a Denver based monthly rope education group with a mission to centralize queer voices in rope and BDSM education. They host workshops and curate performances locally and nationally about queer inclusivity, working with energy and magic in play, conscious kink, and modifying rope work for queer and trans bodies. As a sex and gender therapist and a Phd Candidate in Human Sexuality, Nil has dedicated their role to increasing awareness and encouraging growth to work towards a more complete, welcoming, and inspiring kinky community.

Studio Friction

740 Lipan St. Denver, CO 80204

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