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Attaching Bamboo to the Body with Pedro and WhiskeyGinger

  • 18 Apr 2018
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Studio Friction
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  • Entry for 2 people
  • Entry for 2 people

Registration is closed

Cost: $50 per tying pair for members. 
*Non-members will need to register for a $5 membership to register for this workshop

Description: In this workshop, we will learn how to include bamboo poles into out ties for increased options for restraining and manipulation the body. The workshop is 2.5 hours long and is targeted towards intermediate skill level and above. This will be mostly floor work based, however partial and full suspension options will be available for those with more advanced skill level. 

Materials Used: Riggers/Tops should bring at least 8 ropes and their suspension rig if they want to carry through to suspension. Bamboo will be provided but if you'd like to bring your own it will need to be 1-1/2" in diameter and between 3'-5' long.

Class cap: 10 tying pairs 
Don't have a partner? Come to the Meet & Greet on 4/10 @ 7 PM! 

NOTE: Auditing spots are NOT available for this class

About the Presenters: 

Pedro Cordas (he/him)

Pedro’s decade-plus obsession with rope started in November 2003 in Tokyo. In 2004, a new journey began when he took classes with Nawashi Akechi Denki Sensei. After the Sensei’s death in 2005, he continued to study with Nawashi Kanna - both of whom remain strong influences on his style today. He frequently travels to Japan to keep alive his passion for rope, studies, and research. This amazing odyssey in kinbaku has allowed him to learn from many great people, such as Yukimura Haruki, Nureki Chimuo, Naka Akira, Randa Mai, Miura Takumi, Hajime Kinoko, Naka Akira, and many others.

Over the years he has performed mainly in Portugal, but also has made appearances across Europe, U.S., and Japan. He has been teaching for several years now across Europe, North America, and Australia.

WhiskeyGinger (they/them) 

Whiskey Ginger is a demisexual, pansexual, genderqueer, high femme, polyamorous, submissive, masochistic, Rope Power Bottom. Whiskey loves the emotional and spiritual growth that authority exchange relationships, D/s, M/s, Leather community, and kink education involvement can bring. Since stepping into the kink community in 2015, Whiskey has served as a member of the educational committee for Hitchin' Bitches Denver, Board of Directors for Denver Rope Bite, Educational Liaison team for Bondage Expo Denver, and as a volunteer for Colorado Leather Fest. Whiskey currently leads a monthly discussion group for any one interested in getting tied up (VERB – VERY ENGAGED ROPE BOTTOMING), and co-facilitates Bendy Bottoms a flexibility and conditioning class for rope bottoms of all genders, bodies sizes, and physical ability levels. They also bottom for private rope lessons, community workshops, rope bondage performances, photo shoots, and kink conferences including Thunder in the Mountains, Sin in the City, and Kinkfest. Teaching about consent culture, Bottom and submissive empowerment, self-compassion, and competent communication fuels them.

Thanks for visiting Studio Friction! 

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