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Studio Friction Presents: Torsion and Torsion-based Suspension Transitions instructed by pandoradreams and VinoRosa

  • 2 Dec 2017
  • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • 740 Lipan St, Denver, CO
  • 4


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Join pandoradreams and VinoRosa on December 2, 2017 from 11am-2pm as they instructs a 3-hour intensive on torsion and torsion-related suspension. The workshop will be capped at 10 tying pairs, with 8 seats open for auditing. Auditing seats will be available when event tying pairs sell out for $15/person.

This workshop-style intensive is geared towards intermediate/advanced riggers and intermediate/advanced rope bottoms. During this intensive, we will explore torsion as it relates to dynamic suspension. Typically, torsion is used to stress and strain the body in a static position, but it can also be used in a more dynamic fashion, allowing riggers to enjoy their partner in a multitude of different positions and strains, and allowing rope bottoms to push their bodies through a variety of different stresses and positions.

We will begin the intensive covering static-based torsion suspension: what is torsion, how is a torsion line tied, how does torsion affect the body, how can we increase/decrease the level of torsion and torque in a static tie. Riggers will be given time to practice these concepts hands-on.

Second, we will explore a basic 3-pose transition sequence using what we learned during the first portion of the class to move our partner around in the air. This will give riggers the opportunity to understand how torsion can be used to move their partners around, as well as how torsion affects their partner while they are moved around. Bottoms will be given the opportunity to understand in practice how moving around dynamically in torsion affects their body and their comfort.

Lastly, a suspension sequence will be instructed that is advanced for both rigger and bottom. This sequence will begin with a static torsion pose and we will "open up" the torsion in the air and transition bottoms into a dynamic transition sequence. This sequence will be demonstrated step by step, and thought bubbled out while it is being instructed. Also, modifications will be given during the demo that can reduce the difficulty level for bottoms in particular.

Throughout this workshop, VinoRosa will be giving bottoms helpful tips and education on topics such as preparing for torsion, how to sustain and manage torsion while in the air, breathing while in torsion, preparing for and managing transitions, and active bottoming, or how to assist the rigger while performing dynamic transitions. More topics may be covered geared towards bottoms depending on the needs and skill level of the class.

Materials required: 8-10 pieces of 25-30 foot rope (natural fiber preferred), carbiners, suspension ring/rig setup.

Experience required: Riggers must be able to tie a suspension-capable 2-rope or 3-rope TK or other appropriate hands-free, suspension-capable chest harness. Riggers must also be able to tie a suspension-capable futomomo (leg tie), and demonstrate skill at load line management and proper tensioning of ties. No ties will be instructed during this class.

Bottoms should have had previous suspension experience, primarily in transition work, although this is not mandatory. Bottoms must demonstrate clear and direct communication with their partners, and have a solid understanding of their own capabilities in rope.

About pandoradreams:

pandoradreams is a top-heavy rope switch with a wide array of experience on both sides of the rope. She has been involved in the Denver rope community for the last 5 years, and currently serves as Education Co-ordinator for Denver Rope Bite. As a top, she has had experience instructing, playing, performing, and making photographic art. As she has had vast experience as a rope bottom for practice, play, and performance, her classes address education from both sides of the slash, giving them a unique and comprehensive flair.

About VinoRosa:

VinoRosa is a powerful and experienced rope bottom who has been active in the Denver scene for 4 years. She has extensive experience as a bottom for practice, play, and performance as well as modeling for rope/fetish photography. She regularly models for photographers such as gmark and knot_head, to name a few. She is an excellent resource for rope bottoms and is happy to share her insight and experience with bottoms in our community.

Thanks for visiting Studio Friction! 

740 Lipan St
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