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Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is subject to change and in all cases, is subject to and subordinate of the laws of the State of Colorado. By entering Studio Friction (the "Venue"), you agree to abide by and respect these rules. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the premises.

Be Risk Aware:

  • What is practiced at the Venue is dangerous and can cause serious bodily harm including death.
  • Use of all suspension points is done so at your own risk and requires an upline safety check by a member of staff. While these points were checked by a structural engineer, the Venue makes no claims, warranties, or representations of their safety.

Consent is Paramount:

  • No means no – do not ask for an explanation, accept and move on.
  • Ask before any and all touching of one's person, equipment, or belongings.
  • Practice intentional negotiations and be fearless in communicating all boundaries.
  • Do not interrupt any scene or practice unless consent is granted. See something you're interested in, wait until all aftercare is completed before approaching anyone with questions.

Venue Safewords:

  • Yellow - Pause and check in making any requested adjustments
  • Red - Stop now we are done
  • Mayday - Consent is actively being violated – stop now, and staff will intercede with active parties

Respect for the Venue and All People:

  • The Venue is a safe space for all people, leave judgements at the door. We do not condone sexism, racism, ageism, body shaming, or any other type of oppression.
  • Please do not purposefully damage any part of the Venue, clean up after yourself (cleaning supplies are clearly marked.)

Photography and Cell Phone Policy:

  • Photography is allowed throughout the Venue with consent of all persons in the direction of the lenses. Do not take a picture and then ask consent. We will not condone "outing" of anyone.
  • Please make sure to get consent to post as well as take the picture.
  • Be conscious of where you point your phone, even when you do not have the camera application activated, whenever in the Venue.
  • Silence all phones when in the Venue.
  • If you need to make or answer a call please do so outside of the building or in the designated "Social Area".

Play Space Etiquette:

  • The Venue defines "Play Space" time as any time during a "Party" event. This include our sponsored Parties, premium Parties, and any partner Parties.
  • Do not intrude on any scene unless previously negotiated with all active members of said scene or help is asked for (follow consent guidelines in this instance).
  • Watch from a respectful distance, for your safety and the safety of the people scening.
  • Keep all conversations to a minimum while in the main/playroom/and loft areas. Long conversations should be taken to the social area. Think about how your actions are influencing others scenes and energies.

Practice/Lab Etiquette:

  • The Venue defines "Practice/Lab" time as any other time not defined in "Play Space" time while the Venue is open.
  • Questions are encouraged but please do so after top/bottom are done.
  • Keep voice tones hushed, as to not interrupt or distract others.
  • Conversing during classes is prohibited.
  • When practicing above your comfortable skill level, ask for a spotter.

Extreme Play:

  • You must alert a member of staff if your play falls into the following categories:
  • Breath play
  • Abduction Play
  • Consensual Non-consent
  • Blood Play
  • Any play above the skill level of top/bottom
  • If, as an observer, you see play that appears dangerous/non-consensual do not interrupt the scene. Find a member of staff and ask that they investigate.
  • Any and all fluid must be contained and disposed of appropriately. If your scene is going to be messy please put down plastic (that you must provide). If you are playing with any sort of sharps you will need to provide your own sharps container.

Forbidden Play:

  • The play defined below is not allowed at the Venue (and is subject to be added to at any time):
  • Gun Play
  • Urine, scat, or vomit play of any kind
  • Fire Play
  • If you witness any of these please alert a member of staff immediately.

By signing below, I,                                     , acknowledge I have read and agree to abide by the above Code of Conduct.

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