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If you have feedback, concerns or complaints you would like to bring forward to Studio Friction please email:

Alternatively, you may email one or multiple of our current board members (based on your preference and comfort):

This is where you may submit concerns and complaints that specifically concern Studio Friction and its participants regarding safety and consent. This will be read by the concerns committee and/or by board members and discussed in detail. We will reach out to gather information, and then to discuss our thoughts, questions, and any actions deemed necessary. If the complaint or concern specifically involves a board member, that board member will recuse themselves from the process until it can be evaluated objectively. In order to remain as neutral as possible, we may also seek out a third party to mediate and/or review the issue.

We would like to hear you and create a safe space for you to speak and be heard. We would also like to make sure our members and participants have as safe of a space as possible. In order to do that, we believe open and honest communication is necessary.

Everyone's privacy and confidentiality is important and will be respected whenever possible. 

Examples of complaints/concerns or a situation that requires accountability (though not limited to this list):

  • Harassment
  • Violent or aggressive behavior
  • Discriminatory behaviors or language used
  • Racist behaviors or language used
  • Failures of Inclusion
  • Consent violations/rape

Thanks for visiting Studio Friction! 

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